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To apply for a job, choose a position from the list below. The application process consists of multiple steps. You do not have to complete all the steps at once. You can log back in with your username and password to finish your application for as long as the vacancy remains open. Please be as thorough as possible and include all attachments. After your application is complete and submitted, you will receive a confirmation number and email updates as to the status of your application. Remember your username and password for use on future applications.

INTERNAL CANDIDATE INSTRUCTIONS: To see internal postings, you must sign up as an internal applicant or you will not be able to see internal postings. To create your initial profile, click on "Internal" at the upper right corner of your screen and follow the instructions.

We are committed to creating a diverse environment with qualified individuals who are responsive to the individual educational needs of the students in Delaware County Schools.

Effective May 30, 2022:
It is of critical importance for the DCIU to keep students, particularly our youngest children not yet vaccinated, and staff safe and healthy and to support the health of our immediate community. In keeping with this, DCIU has mandated all workforce members on site at any location be vaccinated for COVID-19. This mandate also applies to individuals performing work for the DCIU at non-DCIU locations. This COVID-19 vaccine mandate is in alignment with applicable federal mandates.

Please note start dates may be delayed until candidates are fully immunized or valid exemption requests are reviewed.


The DCIU is proud to offer several bonuses to supplement the income of both CURRENT and FUTURE employees!!
  • New employees are eligible for a Hiring Bonus of up to $2,500! *
  • Current employees are eligible for an Employee Retention Bonus of up to $1,250! *
  • Current employees are ALSO eligible for an Employee Referral Bonus! There are no limits on how many people you can refer, and each referral could net you $600! *
  • An employee who is eligible for all 3 bonuses could earn up to an additional $4,350 for the 2022-2023 school year!
*All bonuses have exclusions and restrictions. Please contact your supervisor, the hiring manager, or your Human Resource representative for more details.
Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Special Education Teacher - Low Incidence Program02/03/2023Low Incidence SupportGC - MARPLE SCH AGE SPEDApply
Full Time Custodian (Aston)02/03/2023FacilitiesGC - ASTONApply
PT Custodian (Marple)02/03/2023FacilitiesGC - MARPLE CTEApply
Special Education Teacher (Autistic Support)02/03/2023Autistic SupportGC - MARPLE SCH AGE SPEDApply
Special Education Teacher (Emotional Support)02/03/2023Emotional SupportGC - ASTON SCH AGE SPEDApply
Head Start Instructional Assistant02/03/2023Head StartEarly Head Start/Head Start SitesApply
Job Coach - Part time02/02/2023OPTIONSGC - MORTON SPEC PROGApply
PT Custodian (Aston)01/30/2023FacilitiesGC - ASTONApply
Speech-Language Pathologist (EI)01/26/2023Speech & LanguageDelaware County Site(s)Apply
Paraprofessional - Emotional Support (Crisis Manager)01/25/2023Emotional SupportDelaware County Site(s)Apply
Coordinator of Innovation and STEM01/24/2023Teaching & LearningGC - MORTON ADMINApply
EHS/HS Education Specialist01/24/2023Head StartGC - FOLCROFT HEAD STARTApply
Confidential Secretary01/23/2023Business OfficeGC - MORTON SUPPORT SERVIApply
Paraprofessional01/22/2023Special EducationGC - MARPLE SCH AGE SPEDApply
FT Custodian (Folcroft)01/20/2023FacilitiesGC - FOLCROFT CTEApply
Network Security Engineer01/20/2023Information TechnologyGC - MORTON ADMINApply
EI Paraprofessional01/20/2023Early InterventionGC - MARPLE EIApply
Program Assistant For ELECT and Family Center (Administrative Assistant)01/20/2023Family CentersGC - FAMILY CENTER /ELECTApply
Driver/Cafeteria Aide01/20/2023FacilitiesGC - ASTONApply
Computer IT Programming and Software Development Instructor01/20/2023Career & Technical EdGC - ASTONApply
Early Head Start Program Floater01/20/2023Head StartEarly Head Start/Head Start SitesApply
EHS/HS Program LPN/Health Technician01/20/2023Head StartEarly Head Start/Head Start SitesApply
Head Start Bus Driver01/20/2023Head StartDelaware County Site(s)Apply
Paraprofessional01/20/2023Emotional SupportGC - ASTONApply
Early Head Start/Head Start Program Administrative Assistant01/20/2023Head StartGC - MORTON HEAD STARTApply
Head Start Family Service Worker01/20/2023Head StartEarly Head Start/Head Start SitesApply
Early Head Start Program Home Visitor01/20/2023Head StartEarly Head Start/Head Start SitesApply
Pre-K Counts Instructor01/19/2023Head StartEarly Head Start/Head Start SitesApply
Head Start Instructor01/19/2023Head StartEarly Head Start/Head Start SitesApply
Psychologist (Non-Public)01/13/2023Psychology/GuidanceGC - MORTON SPEC PROGApply
Substitute Teacher Training (program to run virtually) February 202301/09/2023SubstituteDelaware County Site(s)Apply
LPN Instructor (Part Time)01/06/2023LPN ProgramGC - MARPLE ADULT PROGApply
Case Manager, Project ELECT01/04/2023Family CentersGC - FAMILY CENTER /ELECTApply